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Although Search Engine Optimization which is also known as SEO, is generally the subject matter discussed by web masters or experts promoting a particular website. This article is for those who wish to get some basic tips on how to finalize or appoint an Expert SEO companyafter understanding their competence. As it will be very difficult to discuss the do’s of Search Engine Optimization we will discuss the don’ts part of it.

Before we discuss the above topic, let’s understand what SEO means? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process by which you ask the search engine robots to give you a priority in their search results when a particular term or key-phrase is searched. So if you wish to rank your site for a particular keyword or key phrase then one has to edit the source codes in such a way that it meets the requirement of various search engines factors together known as Algorithm, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or others.

As its always advisable to deal with a company which use only White Hat SEO techniques and completely avoids any Black Hat SEO techniques. Understanding the Black and White hat techniques is a vast topic and requires some good level of expertise, but to understand in simple words Black hat methods are the short cuts to success which generally do not last long and may lead to a ban on your website. So, ideally a genuine SEO company will never do the following things

  • Guarantee Top Search Engine Rankings – There’s a lot of competition out there for any one to guarantee you the search results. It’s no longer a child’s play.
  • Offer cheap SEO packages – As mentioned, it needs experts to work on it and experts are never cheaply available. Yeah, they definitely can be affordable.
  • Commit a minimum number of Enquiries – Ranks is what they can deliver, no one has control over your website visitor. So they are surely hiding some thing from you.
  • Promise you top ranking in 24 hours or 1 week – Although its possible, but 80% to 85% of companies offering this are fooling around and the one who delivers will not promise.
  • Place hidden text on web pages – Yeah, you caught them red handed, check some of the websites promoted by them and if you see any hidden content by pressing [Control Key + A] you have hit a bulls eye. Never allow them to work on your site, they can only help you get banned from search engine index.
  • Keywords or Key Phrases stuffing on the webpage – One more thing which you can check very easily, just go to the Page Source from the browser menu and see if they have stuffed keywords and key phrases in the head tag or body tag of the web-page. This particular text is not visible on the web page but is only for search engine spiders to read and rank or rather punish you in case they are very high in number. Keyword stuffing is generally done in the head tag or as alt tags on images.

Once you are happy with the above six points, ask the SEO expert or Company to show you some live results of their existing clients. You may also go to the extent of speaking to their existing clients and asking for their feedback on the SEO services provided by the said Website Optimization Company.

Finally, although it’s not a marriage, yet be careful before finalizing an SEO expert to work on your site. As SEO will be an on going process and some one with long term standing and good understanding of the subject can only be the right choice.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) the process of gaining website traffic and visibility in search engines through the efforts of Pay-Per-Click advertising. This is most effective way to develop business in today’s competitive marketplace powered by popular paid search platforms Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEM is a broader term compared to other Search engine techniques. Search Engine Marketing aid businesses to focus on target users of search engines via advertising (paid) links along with search results in addition to organic searches driven to website.

Search Engine Marketing takes many forms and significantly this is an advertising technique which today’s organizations and businesses use to increase their rankings on search engines with respect to specified keywords and brings greater avenue of visibility.

Appray the leading Digital marketing service provider incorporates the process of ethical PPC advertising that drives more traffic, which automatically leads to reach more end users by harnessing today’s online marketing options.

Appray exclusive PPC service offers a means to add value or drive traffic simultaneously while building organic SEO rankings.

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Follow ethical way of promotion

Maximize website visibility

Drive Targeted Traffic

Increase online enquires

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